Sunday, January 2, 2011

Eascape from the Alamo

Dac Crossley's Escape from the Alamo takes the reader on a journey from boyhood to manhood during the early days of the Texas Republic. Everyone knows the story of the heroic Texans who were murdered by Santa Anna after the fall of the Alamo.
The burden of being a 'dead hero' falls to a young man from Tennessee who followed his mentor, Davy Crockett to the final stand.
George "Possum" Hanks awakens during the aftermath of the Battle of San Jacinto with an old wound in his side, his face in the sand, and a vague memory of a rough wagon ride in Mrs. Dickerson's wagon. He didn't died, but in reality he can't admit to history that he survived the slaughter.
Possum discovers he can not go home and adopts a new name of Red because of his beard and begins his journey back to the Alamo to find Davy Crockett. His faith in the strong man will not let him accepted that is Davy dead. One man suspects Red's secret and uses the knowledge to both badger and blackmail him.
Dac Crossley unique western is right in the details of the fledgling republic, the complex relationships between the new settlers and the old who hold this vast land. Red must learn the way of the west to stand on his own two-feet and be true to his own values because there is no one there to guide him.
A good read for anyone who loves authentic color, the Texas country, and a plain good yarn.
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Nash Black, author of Sins of the Fathers.


  1. Good morning from Texas--Yes, I read and loved Dac's Escape From the Alamo. I write romance and women's fiction, but I also love a good Western. Dac said this was a romance--(Pssst--he really wanted to be a guest on our Sweethearts of the West blog). There was a love story, so okay, it qualified. I will say the day Dac was on gave us the most page view hits on record! He was very popular.
    I noticed a review of Maggie Toussaint's Muddy Waters below--she's a very good friend of mine, too. Love her to death.

    A note here to Pen in Hand--I appreciate the link to our Sweethearts blog, but...the link doesn't work because my name is misspelled. Please remove the "l" and make it Yeary and the link will work. Oh, I thank you so much. Celia-Romance...and a little bit of Texas.

  2. What a great review of a book about young Texas! Dac has such a way with words and he really spins an intriguing yarn.