Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Demon's Parchment

The Demon's Parchment is the third in Jeri Westerson's medieval noir series. For this installment Ms. Westerson take the reader into the plight of both her disenfranchised knight Crispin Guest and the status of the Jewish people living in London.
The Jews were expelled from England, but when the queen is very ill a Jewish physician makes the journey to attend her bringing with him his son and a sacred parchment intended for those of his people who exist as converted Christians.
The sever winter has brought few client to Crispin's door, so when he is approached by Jacob of Provencal to find the missing parchment he accept the job. On his way to meet with his new client Crispin witness the body of a young boy being pulled from the Thames.
The boy did not drown in the cold waters, he was murdered in a hideous fashion. The gaolers mention another young boy who was discovered in similar circumstances. Crispin cannot help but be concerned for the life of his young prodigy, Jack Tucker. Jack travels the streets of London and will never be safe until this killer is found.
A great addition to one of the best new mystery series on the current market. This writer has been impressed enough to review all of the books in the series.
Visit with Jeri at . The medieval noir series is available at bookstores, at and as an ebook. Don't miss this exciting series with its meticulously researched background.
Nash Black, author of Sins of the Fathers.

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