Monday, February 6, 2012

Cold Comfort

Ellis Vidler's Cold Comfort crosses several genres to provide the reader with an exceptional romantic/suspense read.
Claire Spencer's comfortable life as the owner a small Christmas shop in Williamsburg, VA that was written up in Southern Living turns upside down with violence when she meets a mugger in her own driveway.
After a trip to the hospital for stitches in her head and treatment for a sprained arm, she returns home to discover her house and business have been burglarized.
Her sales assistant suggests that Claire seek help from Mary's brother, Ray when quotes from private detectives prove more expensive that Claire can afford. Ray suggests his friend, Ben Riley.
Riley doesn't want a female client, he wasn't fast enough to save a young woman in Bosnia and his former wife left scars over his soul. He agrees to meet Claire because he owes Ray a favor, but all of his self-preservation instincts tell him to run.
After he pulls Claire from the path of a speeding car in the alley behind her shop he understands this woman needs help. The problem is where to begin, someone with muscle wants Claire dead, but there isn't an obvious motive.
Each step they take rips the foundations of Claire's life apart, but the killer is always one step ahead of them. Cold Comfort is fast moving and packed with a host of characters who each have a story of their own to tell. The reader will not know what happens next until they turn the last page.
Ellis Vidler's Cold Comfort is available in paperback or Kindle edition on You can visit with Ellis at or
Nash Black, author of Sandprints of Death

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