Sunday, July 7, 2013

Wiggle Room

War is hell, especially when there is no escape and it follows you home. Darden North paints a vivid picture of the tragedies of war and conflicting values and religious beliefs in his page turning thriller, Wiggle Room.
Major Brad Cummins is serving a tour in Iraq as a surgeon. On a horrible day two young men are brought into surgery. Brad follows all the procedures, but Marine Lance Corporal Chad Giles dies after his successful surgery for no reason.
Brad must use his skill to save the life of an Iraqi civilian who was standing on the sidelines when the roadside bomb exploded.
Zarife Amarah is not an innocent victim, but the bomber himself and he resents the American doctor's interference with his attempt to die a martyr to Allah. He follows Brad home seeking vengeance against the doctor for his disruption of a deadly goal.
Amarah is not alone in aiming for retaliation. Dr. Brad Cummins becomes the target for revenge that will see both his twin brother and fiancĂ©e die, leaving him suspected of murder.
The ending will surprise and shock you, though if you look deep Dr. North has laid little clues along his twisted plot line.
You can visit Dr. Darden North at and can purchase Wiggle Room from Amazon.
Nash Black, author of Prelude of Death.

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